Erin is our female Triathlon Ambassador. Erin recently visited the Resort and made good use of our mountain bike & trail running trails.

In her own words, Erin commented 'I would love to be an ambassador for Lake Crackenback. I think it is a fantastic place. Not just for me talking from a triathlon perspective. But for all the outdoors aspects, relaxing, rejuvenating and completely family friendly. I wish I had of discovered Lake Crackenback years ago'.

Erin has achieved a great deal in her career to date including a Bronze Medal at the 2012 London Olympics.She competed in state level swimming and cross country before combining her skills in triathlons at the age of 16. Erin has competed in numerous events, in 2006 she won the U23 World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. Competing at her first Olympic Games, Erin placed 22nd in Beijing in 2008, followed by winning the World Championship Series in Hamburg in 2012 followed then by her bronze medal at the London Olympics in that same year.

She now has the 2016 Olympics - Rio De Janiero in her sights and we hope here at the Resort we can assist her in striving for that Rio Gold Medal.

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