Kris is our Yoga and Wellness Ambassador.

Kris McIntyre is a Ryoho yoga therapist and writer and is best-known as the host of Australia's YOGA TV, which has been syndicated around the world. She has studied Ryoho therapy and Zen Shiatsu with renowned teachers, Andzej Gospodarczyk and Lisa Foster. Combining traditional Indian Hatha yoga with the principles of Yin and Yang, the Five Element Theory and the healing arts of China and Japan, Ryoho shifts in focus with each season.

Kris' teaching style is firmly rooted in being strongly connected to the 'real world' and stresses of normal everyday people off the yoga mat. In her 'day job', Kris is the Communications Director, writer and editor for brand and communications consultancy, Generation Alliance. As a freelance travel and wellness writer, she is a founding editor and contributor to and has also written for publications including body+soul (News Limited), Marie Claire Australia, Australian Yoga Journal, Spa Life and dumbo feather magazine. She's also been a co-author and contributor to two books: Yoga for Switched in Living (Pan McMillian, 2002) and the Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide to London, Rome, Paris and New York.

Kris is the host of our very popular Yoga Weekends here at the Resort. If you would like any further information on these weekends, please click here.






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