Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend with Steve Starling OCT 2015

Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend with Steve Starling OCT 2015

Learn the fundamentals of lure fishing with well-known fishing identity, Steve Starling.

Steve Starling is no doubt one of Australia’s most respected recreational fishermen, author and TV presenter. The Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend is all about introducing men, women and children to the sport of trout fishing using conventional fishing equipment (spin rod and reel) casting soft and hard body lures. During the weekend there will be a range of workshops focused on accuracy casting, distance casting, retrieves, lure selections and stream-side classes addressing stream craft secrets and at the end of the weekend our own Matt Tripet,  IFFF CCI will lead a fly casting interactive workshop.

Jo Starling, Steve’s wife will also be involved throughout the weekend adding her knowledge and professionalism on all aspects of trout fishing. Jo will also lead workshops demonstrating, teaching and mentoring participants tying many the common fishing knots for attaching lures/hooks and connecting braid to monofilament lines.

Date: 30th October - 1st November 2015

Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend Itinerary Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend Itinerary

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Lure of Trout Fishing Weekend Itinerary (487 kb)

Steve Starling Biography


Steve ‘Starlo’ Starling is Australia’s best-known and most prolific fishing writer, having published over 20 books, thousands of magazine articles and scores of DVDs and videos.

Starlo was a co-presenter on the "Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures" TV show through the 1990s and is today a host on "The Offroad Adventure Show" and "The AFC's International Fishing Series".

Starlo and his wife Jo are also increasingly active in on-line recreational angling media. Steve's years of experience have seen him involved with Shimano Australia to develop the Squidgies Lure range and his own signature series of fishing rods.

Not surprisingly, Steve's fishing and boating expertise and experience is extensive. He has cast a line in every state of Australia, as well more than a dozen other countries, including Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, The Solomons, Thailand, Indonesia, Finland, Norway, Russia, Canada, Britain, the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Steve and his family have been to the Resort numerous times and Starlo and Jo were recently hosts for a Trout Angler Summit weekend at the Resort, with similar events planned for the future.
Steve's primary motivation will always be to improve your enjoyment and understanding of recreational angling.


 Weekend packages are available from $497.00 per person six share - click here for package information. 

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