Peter Morse Fly Fishing Weekend 21 November 2015

Peter Morse Fly Fishing Weekend 21 November 2015

Develop and expand a deeper understanding of fly casting and chasing wild brown and rainbow trout with a fly rod at hand. The weekend features workshops and seminars that cover introductory and dynamic fly casting techniques, and advanced tuition to extend the experienced caster’s skill level. Workshops will then transition to stream craft sessions focusing on water hydrology, trout behaviours, and stream craft and choosing correct fly patterns. The weekend will be hosted by Australia’s most knowledgeable and professional angler Peter Morse.The amazing onsite facilities including casting greens, casting ponds, stocked lakes and access to two of Australia’s best trout waterways will ensure your experience will be first-class!


21 November 2015

Fly Fishing Itinerary Fly Fishing Itinerary

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Fly Fishing during the spawning season is very effective because there are so many fish in the water and the fish need more food to maintain their energy level for the spawn.

Peter will provide coaching and mentoring with his fly casting workshops and will also focus on the rigs and stream craft techniques that work best during the spawn run, fishing with indicators and heavily weighted flies teamed up with trout egg patterns. Rainbow trout are so enticed by fish eggs during spawning season that they'll often ignore all other types of food and bite exclusively at egg sacks.

There will also focus on the low water stream craft techniques leader construction, presentations casts that catch fish and line mending, all focused around on dry fly fishing.              

Peter Morse Biography


IFFF MCI. Author, TV personality, Sage & Rio Ambassador

As the presenter of the popular SBS television series Wildfish, Peter has shown us many of his favourite fishing locations, introduced the local identities and even caught a fish or two in the process. He's also a renowned fishing journalist and author, having been published in many Australian and international fishing journals as well as writing several books on fly fishing.An IFFF Master Casting Instructor Peter has developed an effortless smooth style and specialises in teaching how to usefully apply a wide range of casts, from the very simple to the advanced. Peter is a world leading instructor and will be leading group casting workshops throughout the weekend and guiding how to do it on the water chasing wild trout.


Q & A For Fly Fishing Schools Q & A For Fly Fishing Schools

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