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The quality of road surfaces, minimal summer time traffic, epic climbs and tranquillity of the Kosciuszko National Park, make road riding in the Snowy Mountains one of the most breathtaking, challenging and strava-worthy experiences in the country.

Take the Alpine way up the Thredbo Valley to the high point of Dead Horse Gap 5km past the Thredbo Village.  A moderately challenging route which undulates up all the way out with some pinches to test you.  Leather Barrel Creek & Tom Groggin Extension—continue past Dead Horse Gap 10km’s into the valley below to Leather Barrel Creek or a further 10km to Tom Groggin and climb back up one of the toughest climbs in Australia—a genuine Hors category climb with stunning scenery to take your mind off the gradient!  Riding in the sub Alpine Forrest is a stunning experience in itself, adding to the challenge of one Australia’s great climbs.

Approximate climbing
Dead Horse gap return=1000m.  Leather Barrel Creek return=1850m. Tom Groggin return=2200m.

Start out down the Alpine way towards Jindabyne and turn left onto Kosciuszko Rd then don’t turn off again. Climb via Waste Point, Rennix Gap, Smiggins, the Perisher Valley Ski Resort and onward to the Pass. A classic ride with alot of climbing but spectacular views to Mount Kosciuszko at the top and across Lake Jindabyne coming down. A truly inspiring ride with options to turn early for the return trip.

Approximate climbing 
Charlotte Pass=2600m. Perisher Valley=2300m. Rennix Gap=1300m.

After riding down the Alpine Way to Jindabyne, take the Barry Way (turn right at the big round-a-bout) and 4km south of town, turn left onto Snowy River Way to Dalgety. In Dalgety, turn left after the historic bridge across the Snowy River and head north to Berridale. From Berridale turn left and ride back to Jindabyne on Kosciuszko Road.  A mostly undulating loop amongst the farmland with some moderate climbs.  A popular shorter option is to start and finish in Jindabyne making the loop 85km.

Approximate climbing
From Lake Crackenback Resort=2000m. From Jindabyne=1450m.

After riding down the Alpine Way to Jindabyne, take the Barry Way (turn right at the big round-a-bout) and head up the hill out of Jindabyne then all the way to the end of the tar surface. A moderate ride through the farmland with views to the Thredbo Valley peaks. More up than down on the way out on Barry Way but enjoy the reverse coming back to town.  Start and finish in Jindabyne for a shorter option of 52km.

Approximate climbing
From Lake Crackenback Resort=1250m.  From Jindabyne=800m.

Ride down the Alpine Way to Jindabyne then through town, across the Lake Jindabyne dam wall and 14km on to the intersection of Eucumbene Road and Kosciuszko Road as you take in the panoramic views across the lake. Turn left onto Eucumbene Road. The next 20km out is our flattest road for a gentle roll before dropping into a valley & out the other side on a steady climb. Turn left at the top of the climb to head down to the Eucumbene Dam wall.  Shorten it… take the same route from Jindabyne  to reduce the total length to 90km.

Approximate climbing
From Lake Crackenback Resort = 1550m.  From Jindabyne = 1150m.