Whether you want to stretch your legs or stretch yourself, a network of walking trails can be accessed from our Resort ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

Lakeview Track
Take an easy stroll around Lake Crackenback to the outskirts of the resort boundary. Or slip on your running shoes and explore the Lakeview Track’s nine, strategically positioned, fitness stations!

Resort Bushwalk Track
This track circumnavigates the entire Resort offering excellent views of distant mountain ridges and a mix of terrain.

Little Thredbo River Track
Follow the track alongside the Little Thredbo River until you get to the junction of the Little Thredbo and Thredbo Rivers, before passing a beautiful grassy bank. Take a selfie, or even a dip in the River, before your return trip to the Resort.

NPWS Bullocks Track
From a junction point along the Little Thredbo River track, you will discover the historic Bullocks Hut, built in 1934. Follow the path along the Thredbo River and under the Skitube bridge, all the way to the Thredbo Diggings camping area. Take time out to enjoy a picnic and swim in the Thredbo River before following a return loop along the newly constructed Thredbo Valley Trail.

Sculpture Trail

Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa currently has 20 handcrafted sculptures permanently displayed throughout the Resort’s grounds. As you walk around the many trails surrounding the Resort, you will come across these sculptures. Many of the sculptures are locally crafted. VIEW SCULPTURE MAP