The Guided Experience

The Guided Experience

Our local guides will share their intimate knowledge of the Kosciuszko National Park and offer you an experience far beyond the beaten track. Their understanding and appreciation of the sensitive environment, flora, fauna and geological significance will complete your journey through a truly distinctive national park.

Along with understanding the dynamics of catering for groups, our guide to client ratio is kept at a minimum to ensure a quality, relaxed experience. Guides are there for encouragement where needed and for first aid, navigation, bush and leadership skills.

All guides have phone contact with the resort and emergency services. Your safety is of paramount importance to us and your guides may have to adapt the day’s trek depending on your fitness, weather or track conditions. While they will make every effort to meet your needs, please adhere to their professional decisions if circumstances require.


General Information

Alpine Guided Walks, hosted by Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa, is focused on providing a personal, quality experience that will be forever memorable. Treks offer people the chance to truly enjoy the solitude and beauty of Australia’s High Country while knowing your safety and comfort will be well looked after.

Environmental Protection

Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa runs a state-of-the-art walking program that is sensitive and appreciative of the environment while providing an insight to our local region. We believe that it is a special privilege to operate in this delicate and immensely important area, so we observe minimal-impact track and campsite practices. Our program is in line with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Kosciuszko National Park Plan of Management.

Meeting Place

The meeting place for all guided treks is at the Activate Centre located next door to Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa's reception building at which time a briefing from the head guide will be given along with distribution of trekking equipment and transport to trailheads. Please check the meeting time of your chosen tour.


All return transport from Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa to trail heads is included with walking tours.


Guided walks are available between the months of November to April.

Equipment & Catering

The Guided Walks program is modelled on supplying clients with quality, well serviced, bush walking equipment. The only equipment you will require on guided trips are personal bush walking items. See relative information section for specific equipment list.


Our walks are graded as easy to moderate, please contact our friendly reservations staff to advise on the required fitness level.

Activity Grading

Please note that grading is only a guide, clients should allow for variances.

  • Easy: Distances under approximately 10km with very little up & down.
  • Moderate: Suitable for general fitness levels with treks up to approximately 15km.
  • Hard: Requires a good level of fitness. Expect to encounter some long off trail climbs and treks approximately 15km - 20km in distance.
  • Expert: Only for fit, experienced participants. Steep hills & long distances will be encountered with walks approximately 20km - 25km. Minimal trekking on established trails.

Please ask your friendly consultant about the relevant activity grading of your trek.

Trail Type Descriptions

  • Established Trail: A trail that has been prepared & provides positive footing.
  • Track: A track that has not been formally prepared & has an irregular surface.
  • Untracked: No track whatsoever

Please ask your friendly consultant about the relevant trail type description for your trek.

Age Recommendations

The recommended age for our day walk is 12yrs (exceptions maybe made on a case by case basis), there is no minimum or maximum recommended age for day treks however trekkers must be suitably capable of participating in their preferred trek &/or under the condition that a legal guardian or parent accompanies a child. The guide will have final judgment on whether clients are capable of participating in the activity.

Personalised Guided Walks

If interested in variations of our existing guided walks, or if you have something particular in mind, we welcome the concept of creating a personalised tour as we can cater to the individual, families or special groups.


The Snowy Mountains experiences a wide variety of weather conditions that can change rapidly and frequently. Conditions including burning sun, driving winds, heavy rain and snow can all occur within a single hour. It may seem senseless to bring winter gloves on a warm sunny day however inadequate preparation may result in serious consequences. Being prepared for the above mentioned conditions is a vital part of the Alpine Guided Walks safety procedures. Regardless of weather forecast all items shown in Client’s Equipment list must always be carried.

Please note that the head guide will be responsible for planning and carrying out treks according to weather conditions with the determining factor being ‘safety is paramount’. Alternative hikes in sub-alpine areas are implemented if rescheduling of treks is necessary due to weather.


If walking without a guide, ensure all members of your party have adequate food and equipment. This includes rainwear, thermal or woolen clothing, sturdy trekking shoes or boots, sun protection, gloves and map - as a minimum requirement (these can be rented from the Activate Centre). The operators reserve the right to alter, amend or cancel any trip should the weather or any other circumstance necessitate this.




For enquiries or to make a booking call 1800 020 524 or fill out our online enquiry form.



Guided walks are hosted by Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa is a licensed Commercial Tour Operator with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service.

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