Concept Designs

Concept Designs



The Resort architects, Daryl Jackson Robin Dyke (DJRD), have developed some chalet concept drawings with cladding types and colour schemes for these lots. These designs have been developed to provide assistance to a purchaser regarding functional Resort building designs which suit the site and the Resort Design Guidelines.

There is not a requirement for a purchaser to adhere to one of these designs, however an alternate design will need to be approved by the vendor. The aim of the planning process and these conceptual designs is to provide building envelopes within which development may occur and generally the volume of building development on the ground and first floors.

A maximum site coverage of 35% has been suggested for each type which may be allowed to be modestly exceeded provided that the views and amenity for adjoining lots are not significantly compromised by the increase. Carports and balconies are not included in the site coverage calculation.

Car parking spaces have been shown on the site plans. These are indicative locations and may be modified to suit an alternative design layout. Lots 1 to 11 could have car parking spaces off the lower level Ramshead Trail. Car spaces could be covered with a carport subject to an appropriate design being approved by the vendor. Lots 1 to 5 could include an additional level of car parking incorporated in the building albeit partially below ground level to ensure limits on wall and roof heights are not exceeded. Lots 12 to 20 proposed car parking spaces have been shown on the site plan drawing. Where two bedroom chalets are to be constructed, two car spaces will be required to be incorporated in the site plan design where practical. To achieve this, balconies may be relocated to the side of chalets.

The site plan layout shows minimum setbacks from boundaries; 2 metres from both sides of Ramshead Trail, 3 metres from the Bullocks Drive frontage and 1 metre from side boundaries. Proposed building envelopes are shown in blue on the site plan layout.

Generally, designers should be encouraged to place the chalet lower floor below the level of the upper road they are adjoining; that is Lots 1 to 11 off Rocky Road and Lots 12 to 22 off Ramshead Trail. Wall heights will be restricted to 6 metres above the lots existing average ground level. Roof areas will be restricted to 1.5 metres above wall heights.

A colour scheme has been developed for this Stage 2 of Lot 107. Colour schemes showing two indicative wall colours for a building together with a change in the building material on each level. Generally, Colorbond corrugated iron cladding is recommended for upper levels to minimise maintenance and some form of fibre cement cladding for lower floors which may be painted. A pre-colourd equitone cladding is also recommended. Possible feature paint colours for highlighting panels are also recommended together with possible feature materials for highlighting. The concept here is the subdued colours of our local eucalypts with flashes of colour exposed in the tree trunks as bark is shed.

Contracts for Sale of the lots will contain the appropriate conditions to allow the Resort Developer to manage these developments guidelines.  

Colour Scheme Rocky Road Colour Scheme Rocky Road

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Colour Scheme Rocky Road (3237 kb)

Concept Design - Type A Concept Design - Type A

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type A (366 kb)

Concept Design - Type B Concept Design - Type B

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type B (371 kb)

Concept Design - Type C Concept Design - Type C

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type C (325 kb)

Concept Design - Type D Concept Design - Type D

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type D (196 kb)

Concept Design - Type E Concept Design - Type E

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type E (355 kb)

Concept Design - Type F Concept Design - Type F

Download the Lake Crackenback Resort Concept Design - Type F (529 kb)

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