Wally the Wombat

Wally the Wombat

At Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa we have a resident wombat that we have named Wally. Wally lives on the corner of Bullocks Drive & Rocky Road. We love to look after the children that come to visit us here at the Resort so have incorporated Wally the Wombat in many different aspects around the Resort.

Cuisine Restaurant & Alpine Larder offer a Wally the Wombat Children's Menu

Children can draw a picture or write a letter to Wally and deliver it to his mailbox on the corner of Bullocks Drive & Rocky Road. Wally reads all his letters and may even respond to the children's letters.

There are some great walks around the resort for spotting wildlife including many of Wally's friends including kangaroos, deers, emus & possums.


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