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Snow-capped mountains, mist on the lake and cosy open fireplaces — what could be more romantic than a wedding in the Snowy Mountains in winter? From velvet wraps to mulled wine and a moody colour palette, our Wedding Manager, Joanne Beattie outlines several reasons why having a wedding in winter can be the coolest.

The novelty factor. With so many spring and summer weddings, guests can get wedding fatigue, but an event in the mountains in winter will definitely be something people can look forward to.

Unique style. From your colour palette to flowers and décor, winter inspires some beautiful themes. There are so many lighting options with candles, tea lights, open fires and lanterns, and you could even create your own hot signature cocktail to serve to guests.

Stunning photo opportunities. The flattering winter light lends itself to gorgeous photography. And with stunning backdrops from snow-capped mountains to rugged bushland, your photos will definitely stand out from the crowd. Just remember to bring some spare shoes and a big coat for getting from one place to another (and maybe some mulled wine).

Guests (and you) can have fun dressing up. Depending on your theme, guests can really get into the season, from fur coats over sequinned dresses and tuxedos to an “all-white” ensemble.

Fun activities. From skiing to archery, a girl’s spa day to a round of golf, everything is right here for you to extend the celebrations, making your wedding a complete event.

For bookings, contact Joanne on 1800 020 524